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Zoo Animals Getting Angry

These animals get mad and some even break the glass! For every dollar this video makes I will donate 1$ to the wildlife preservation fund that supports the end of all zoo's worldwide. So if you use an ad blocker disable it and re-watch so the funds go where they're needed. With a little will power we can end zoo's in our life time ... be strong and thank you to all who care enough to think about someone other than themselves. #ZoosArePrisons

Duration: 3M27S
Views: 6270787
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Youtube Comments: 1310
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Youtube Comments (1310)
May 24, 2017
Shelley Berry Says:
Cruel people.
Dec 31, 1969
May 23, 2017
Jake Westbrook Says:
That monkey with it's awesome acrobatics
Dec 31, 1969
May 19, 2017
Tony Montana Says:
Interesting to me in these type of videos that lions gravitate to the little kids/babies. Not sure if they see them as easy prey or what just find it interesting
Dec 31, 1969
May 18, 2017
Rama Devi Says:
the 2 one was kinda scary
Dec 31, 1969
May 13, 2017
Laxmikant Hosahalli Says:
1:30 was best
Dec 31, 1969
May 11, 2017
Back Yard Files Says:
They are going to take over the world
Dec 31, 1969
May 10, 2017
Raghead Mcgee Says:
That poor lion just wants to shred that kid.
Dec 31, 1969
May 10, 2017
elsa stenberg Says:
Poor innocent creatures behind bars for humans to enjoy!
Dec 31, 1969
May 10, 2017
BigBoss Bruce Says:
Lion uses sneak attack, we call it tactical and super-effective.
The Elite use sneak attacks, eg. Divide and Conquer, Mass Propaganda; they call it "Geopolitically-effective/strategic/using your initiative".
Average human being, uses sneak attack against someone they don't like, "pussy/cheap shot/sucker punch".

Lions and Tigers rule the world 😂
Dec 31, 1969
May 10, 2017
branndan early Says:
This video is so fucking funny man...people just looking at them like there just cute little animals no they're different life forms man they don't want to be stared at all fucking day give them a break
Dec 31, 1969