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Zoo Animals Getting Angry

These animals get mad and some even break the glass! For every dollar this video makes I will donate 1$ to the wildlife preservation fund that supports the end of all zoo's worldwide. So if you use an ad blocker disable it and re-watch so the funds go where they're needed. With a little will power we can end zoo's in our life time ... be strong and thank you to all who care enough to think about someone other than themselves. #ZoosArePrisons

Duration: 3M27S
Views: 6562919
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Youtube Comments: 1365
 10839   2184
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Jul 18, 2017
Heather Macaluso Says:
Dec 31, 1969
Jul 17, 2017
TheNWOKOFan Says:
I didn't know that cancer made this video.
Dec 31, 1969
Jul 7, 2017
zVen0m Says:
Die dümmsten Menschen die ich je gesehen habe 1:40
Dec 31, 1969
Jul 3, 2017
paige jensen Says:
See Kids This is what happens When u don't Feed these Animals
Dec 31, 1969
Jun 28, 2017
xTressa FDG Dance Says:
One of the Gorilla's had a pretty small enclosure I feel bad for it.
Dec 31, 1969
Jun 12, 2017
Richard Abrey Says:
Like to see these assholes on the other side of the glass
Dec 31, 1969
Jun 11, 2017
Oxi Dox Says:
1:28 omg that's insane !😂
Dec 31, 1969
Jun 7, 2017
Kitty Lily Says:
In my opinion monkeys are the dumbest creatures on the planet
Dec 31, 1969
Jun 6, 2017
Beujah OVNI Says:
I hate see animal in a zoo and people who go in a zoo...
Dec 31, 1969
Jun 5, 2017
MindlessWildcat Says:
1:40 That girl in that green and white striped tank top is a fucking retard.
Dec 31, 1969