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National Geographic Documentary - Struggle for existence - Wildlife Animal

The concept of the struggle for existence concerns the competition or battle for resources needed to live. It can refer to human society, or to organisms in nature. The concept is ancient, and the term struggle for existence was in use by the end of the 18th century. From the 17th century onwards the concept was associated with a population exceeding resources, an issue shown starkly in Thomas Robert Malthus’ An Essay on the Principle of Population which drew on Benjamin Franklin's Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, etc.. Charles Darwin used the phrase "struggle for existence" in a broader sense, and chose the term as the title to the third chapter of On the Origin of Species published in 1859. Using Malthus’s idea of the struggle for existence, Darwin was able to develop his view of adaptation, which was highly influential in the formulation of the theory of natural selection.[2] In addition, Alfred Wallace independently used the concept of the struggle for existence to help come to the same theory of evolution.[3] Later, T.H. Huxley further developed the idea of the struggle for existence. Huxley did not fully agree with Darwin on natural selection, but he did agree that there was a struggle for existence in nature.[4] Huxley also recognized that a struggle for existence existed between competing ideas within the minds of people engaged in intellectual discussion.[5] This view is an early example of what was later described as meme theory. While the idea of the struggle for existence was developing in the western world, there were other interpretations of the struggle for existence, especially by Peter Kropotkin in Russia.[6] Also, the struggle for existence was questioned in the United States in the 1930s, as the idea of cooperation among organisms became popular.[7] More recently, it has been argued that the struggle for existence is not as important on macroevolutionary time scales.

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Sep 17, 2017
Beerus Says:
i feel sorry for the impalas...they get no break!
Dec 31, 1969
Sep 15, 2017
Alien Polo Says:
it is amazing
Dec 31, 1969
Sep 12, 2017
ffgg gghh Says:
bl như lon
Dec 31, 1969
Sep 9, 2017
Samiha Bint Al Islam Says:
that croc is a real killer
Dec 31, 1969
Sep 6, 2017
Cool Stuffz Says:
i m soo happy that i m watching this
Dec 31, 1969
Aug 29, 2017
Syazwan Sabri Says:
Dec 31, 1969
Aug 27, 2017
SelfZin Says:
So basically a Crocodiles' gang is like a Mob family
Dec 31, 1969
Aug 19, 2017
Willis Street Says:
you can tell human beings are some EVIL MONSTERS based of the millions of views these animals attack videos get. humans aren't entertained by this madness....THEY'RE LEARNING FROM IT!
Dec 31, 1969
Aug 16, 2017
Mo Murad Says:
Fuck crocodiles the most stupid animal
Dec 31, 1969
Aug 16, 2017
Zevra Luna Says:
Except recent studies have shown that hippos are more omnivores than herbivores.
Dec 31, 1969