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The Lost World of Ancient Predators - Full Wildlife Documentary

The Lost World of Ancient Predators - Full Wildlife Documentary

Duration: 1H6M53S
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Apr 11, 2017
Jonathan Williams Says:
"A new world order ruled by reptilian"
Illuminati confirmed
Dec 31, 1969
Feb 16, 2017
09FaircloughD Warden House Says:
hi im dani im 11 years old and im in love with dinosaurs i have to say im a big fan of meat eaters my fave dinosaur is a spino but i got many fave's i know this sounds crazy but i wish dinosaurs was still alive i just WISH i could see one for real but i guess they cant come back cuz... thats... impossible.... heh plus the world is not like it was before... there is not much green anymore just houses..... but it would be great and wonderful if they could be made sometimes i srsly do feel like crying just cuz i want to see one... but like i said it will never happen.... and if it did even for a day FOR A YEAR OR LONGER it will make my life happy.... i just hope my wish will come true and i get to see a spinosaurs....