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Funniest Zoo Animals

There are some animals that are always monkeying around. Here are the funniest zoo animals! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 15. And To That My Dear, I Show You My Tush This little baby did not get much of a welcome when he went to the zoo. Instead of a cute face looking at him from the other side of the glass, he received a nice behind. Maybe this little boy was incredibly offensive; and this zoo animal just simply could not and would not take such behavior. So, he said, to you sir, this is my answer. 14. I Know, That’s What She Said This meerkat laughter session is brought by the most funny joke every told by the calm meerkat on the left. The meerkat on the right just simply couldn’t take it anymore and doubled over in laughter. I feel sort of envious and out of the loop. I wish I could hear it too. 13. Dancing Lessons Front step, cha cha cha, side step, cha, cha, cha. Front step, back step…then turn. Clearly, this is a perfect opportunity for impromptu dance lessons. They can always take their show on the road later one, as a duet. 12. It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Hand What a cute little seal, then bam, I hate your hand; your hand must be eaten. How can a creature so sweet looking suddenly become such a vicious animal bent on attack? 11. Hi…hi…hi…hi…hi This beaver just kept waving and waving and waving and waving, well you get the picture. When the little kid waved, the beaver waved. The seal in the previous picture could stand to learn a few bits of etiquette from this guy. This beaver greets first with his hand, and not his teeth. First impressions are important. 10. Let’s Just Say It’s An Itch I really think this bear has an itch. His itch just happens to be in his nose. So his logical choice for scratching that itch is his finger. With me so far? The important thing to ask now is what happened after this bear removed his finger from the nose that had the itch? Where did that same finger go? 9. Longest Tongue In The…Zoo Feeding giraffes is always fun. Spending $12 on a piece of lettuce that the giraffe will slobber all over, and all over your hand, is all a good time. Here, this giraffe demonstrated his ability to stretch out his tongue to about the length that totally grosses you out. Good fun either way. 8. Don’t Try The Soap…It Tastes Like, Well, Soap I totally agree with this little monkey guy. He looks super cool sporting his do; and he probably smells super sweet too. But good smelling soap does not equate to good tasting soap. He probably wishes someone would have told him about that one. 7. I Can Almost Hear The Music From The Movie Hatari What could be cuter than a little baby elephant reaching up for his mommy? Elephant trunks are so expressive even though they are merely a nose and mouth. This picture is so simple, but yet so cute. 6. Yo He is just a polar bear guy taking an afternoon swim. As he swims by, he says a quick yo to all who he passes. Now, he will go on his merry way. Have a nice swim. 5. Free Baths Today Sharing is caring. Mr. Giraffe was oh so kind to offer Mr. Squirrel a quick bath one day at the zoo. A little lick here, and a little lick over there makes Mr. Squirrel sparkly fresh and clean. Thanks Mr. Giraffe. 4. Sort of Namaste Yoga poses are often slightly different between people. So yoga poses between species are bound to be even more different. This guy has got the whole om-thing going on. He just also improvised and added a tongue feature. 3. No Soliciting Do you mind not bothering me right now? I am so totally busy doing something else, which is way more important than whatever you are offering me. Talk to the hand is what I am saying, if you need additional explanation. 2. I Really Hope He Is Pointing To Something Really Cool Behind Her He is either pointing to a fabulous piece of art that he painted during gorilla painting hour, that is on the wall behind the little girl…OR…he is showing her exactly how he feels about her. The former is really nice of him to share. The latter just makes him a big jerk. He should watch out though. Someone might return his kind gesture right back at him. 1. Using A Cellphone While Swimming Is Dangerous This polar bear obviously loves his cellphone. Doesn’t he know that there is a high risk associated with swimming and talking on the phone? I know he wants to talk to his friends; but he should consider the ramifications on his actions. And the water could totally ruin his phone too. Hopefully, he has a phone protection plan in place.

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Apr 21, 2017
ThatOneGuyJames Says:
When I was 7 I went to the Pittsburgh zoo and I used to love monkeys but not after that day bc when I found it I waved and it waved as well...but then it reached for its......butt and grabbed a piece of crap and slammed it into the glass and was basically telling me I was sh*t 👏😐 boi
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 17, 2017
Shadowk9 47 Says:
That was a sea lion I could tell because on the side of his head was ear flaps seals don't have that
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 15, 2017
Lisa Costello Says:
#yomoma hahahahahahha says yo moms joke
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 15, 2017
Thhd Ddhhd Says:
when I see these fucking stupid childs...... I would kick them sooo hard that they cant work anymore!!
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 14, 2017
Sawyer Elizabeth Says:
I got drooled on by a giraffe when I was feeding it
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 11, 2017
Ashly Boss Says:
I am literally 18 seconds in and I had to pause it because whoever is narrating this is an idiot. "This little girl is just doing her thing at the zoo, when this lion scares her half to death when he suddenly showed up right on the other side of the glass" - you're at a freaking zoo. You're not there to "do your thing", it is a business/sanctuary that you usually PAY to get into, SO you can view the animals. I'm pretty sure you should've expected the lion. Not to mention it's a lady lion not a he. When did the "I'll stare till you go away" thing occur because I must've missed it. How long do you define as a stare? I'd say she was looking at the little girl but I wouldn't call that staring. Narrator speaks in such a fashion like the lion should be blamed for messing up the little girls good time? Ridiculous.
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 10, 2017
Mystery Mystery Says:
Don't you just hate it when a narrator just assumes EVERY animal is a boy or a girl?
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 8, 2017
John Fitzgerald Says:
None of that is funny only the hirambe one
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 7, 2017
Fabiola Hernandez Says:
once I went to the zoo and a monkey tru a rock at me and it hit my brother
Dec 31, 1969
Apr 6, 2017
Zachia Hill Says:
that was cool
Dec 31, 1969