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Giant Centipede Vs Snake | Wildlife

Giant Centipede Vs Snake

Duration: 5M23S
Views: 2374404
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Youtube Comments: 504
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Local Comments (0)
Youtube Comments (504)
Nov 20, 2017
Wildlife Says:
Please guys subscribe to my channel
Dec 31, 1969
Nov 16, 2017
Daniel Mondejar Says:
i hate that animal
Dec 31, 1969
Nov 11, 2017
Switch Board Says:
Will you do it again with a bigger snake?
Dec 31, 1969
Nov 3, 2017
paxxmortis Says:
The snake is like, "Oh nasty, get this fucking gross thing off of me!"
Dec 31, 1969
Oct 29, 2017
Derpy Sheep Says:
Why not retrieve a titanaboa from when it was alive and have it fight a millipede
Dec 31, 1969
Oct 21, 2017
Azizah Kasim Says:
Now let this fucker fight the anaconda .. oh wait , before the fight even begins , the centipede would be crushed to death by the anaconda lol
Dec 31, 1969
Oct 20, 2017
Epix Music Says:
Poor snake
Dec 31, 1969
Oct 18, 2017
Robert Jensen Says:
What a pussy that snake is. The instant he's attacked all he does is try to get away. Not once does he try to BITE the centipede. I mean, if you're being killed, at least TRY to hurt the other guy.
Dec 31, 1969
Oct 13, 2017
Lil Bobby Says:
I'm not scared of spiders at all or Regular centipedes/millipedes, BUT this is just too much I got itchy asf watching this shit
Dec 31, 1969
Oct 9, 2017
roman rowan Says:
I remember a centipede like this bit me that shit hurt alot i got angry and I stomped it with my fist and I killed it. I killed a few by punching them or with a hammer
Dec 31, 1969